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  • Nippon Paint Co., Ltd. (NPC), ( www.nipponpaint-holdings.com/en), established in 1881, one of the largest paint and coatings manufacturers in Japan, opens a liaison office in Manhattan.


  • NPC becomes a partner in NAPP Systems, Inc. located in San Marcos, CA, a manufacturer of photopolymer printing plates and equipment.


  • NPC closes its NY liaison office and Nippon Paint (America) Corporation, "NPA", is established as a subsidiary of NPC. NPA's principal business is as an importer/exporter of chemicals and related products for use in automotive paints and coatings and as a provider of technical service to global partners serving the automotive industry.


  • Nippon Paint (USA) Inc., "NP-USA" is incorporated as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Nippon Paint Co., Ltd. to function as a holding company for U.S. operations. Ownership of NPA is transferred from NPC to NP-USA and NPA becomes NP-USA's subsidiary.
  • NPC transfers its ownership interest in NAPP Systems, Inc. ("NAPP") to NPU and NPU sells its interest in NAPP to the other partner, Lee Enterprises.


  • NP-USA establishes a new subsidiary, Seibert Powder Coatings, Inc. ("SPC"), located in Cleveland, Ohio. SPC's name is later changed to NPA Coatings, Inc. ("NPAC"). NPAC's principal business is the manufacture and distribution of automotive and powder paint and coatings.


  • NP-USA establishes a new subsidiary, Nippon Paint Color Design Studio (America), Inc. ("CDSA") located in Michigan. CDSA's name is later changed to Nippon Paint Research Institute (America), Inc. ("NRIA"). NRIA provides color design services and research and development to customers and related parties.
  • NP-USA establishes Supratech Systems Inc. ("SSI") located in Charlotte, North Carolina as a manufacturer and distributor of flexographic printing plates.


  • NP-USA forms a general partnership owned equally with Bee Chemical Co., a subsidiary of Morton International, called Morton Nippon Coatings ("MNC"). (Rohm & Haas Co. later acquires Morton's 50% interest.) MNC's principal business is to develop and market coating products for automotive plastic substrates primarily to Japanese original equipment manufacturers in North America or their tier suppliers.


  • NP-USA sells SSI to Polyfibron Technologies, Inc.


  • NP-USA's subsidiary, NPA, merges into NP-USA becoming its trading division for importing and exporting chemical products to affiliates and other customers.


  • NP-USA acquires NB Coatings, Inc. ("NBCi"), formerly Bee Chemical Company, from Rohm & Haas Co. NBCi(www.nbcoatings.com), located in Lansing, Illinois, is a manufacturer of automotive paint for plastic body parts such as bumpers, spoilers and fenders. Included in this acquisition was NP-USA's remaining 50% interest in MNC.


  • NP-USA dissolves Nippon Paint Research Institute (America), Inc. ("NRIA").


  • NP-USA Group posts record revenues and profit.


  • NP-USA sells Seibert Powder Coatings, a division of NPAC, to Protech Chemicals Ltd.


  • NPC changes to global business unit model and establishes a holding company, Nippon Paint Holdings Co., Ltd. ("NPHD"). NP-USA becomes a subsidiary of NPHD on Oct. 1.


  • NPHD establishes four subsidiary operating companies as part of its restructure to a business unit model, including Nippon Paint Automotive Co., Ltd. ("NPAU") (http://www.nipponpaint- automotive.com/en/) responsible for overseeing the automotive operations of NP-USA Group.
  • NP-USA Group posts record sales and profit.


  • NP-USA Group posts record sales and profits.
  • NP-USA signs merger agreement with Dunn-Edwards Corporation, one of the U.S.'s largest independent manufacturers of architectural, industrial and high performance paints.


  • NP-USA completes acquisition of Dunn-Edwards Corporation. This marks NP-USA's entry into the Architectural Paint market in the Americas

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