HISTORY of NB Coatings, Inc. (NBCi)

A subsidiary of Nippon Paint (USA) Inc.

1945Bee Chemical Company is founded in Chicago, IL as a specialty chemical company.
1960Bee Chemical and Nippon Paint Co., Ltd. (NPC) begin technical collaboration.
1971Bee Chemical and NPC establish a joint venture, Nippon Bee Chemical Co., Ltd., in Japan to supply the Japanese automotive market with high quality coatings for plastic parts.
1985Morton International, Inc. acquires Bee Chemical and renames the business unit Morton Automotive Coatings (MAC).
1996Nippon Paint (USA) Inc. and MAC form a joint venture, Morton Nippon Coatings (MNC) to develop and market automotive plastic substrates, primarily to Japanese OEMs and Tier Suppliers in North America.
1999Rohm & Haas Company acquires Morton International and renames MAC as Rohm & Haas Automotive Coatings (RHAC).
2006Nippon Paint acquires Rohm and Haas' Automotive Coatings business including MNC. The company is renamed NB Coatings, Inc.