Teaneck, NJ, December 15, 2010- Nippon Paint (USA) Inc. (NP-USA®) reported today that it has launched a new website,, designed to provide detailed information about Nippon Paint’s North American operations, products and achievements.

Hidefumi Morita, President, said “We are very pleased to introduce this new website which will enable us to communicate more effectively with the public, our valued customers and our dedicated employees regarding Nippon Paint’s activities in North America. We will continue to enhance this website in the future as we recognize the importance of the internet in communicating today.”

The new website will feature information about the products of NP-USA as well as the automotive coatings products manufactured by its two subsidiaries, NB Coatings, Inc. (NBCi) and NPA Coatings, Inc. (NPAC), collectively NP-USA® Group. While each of these subsidiaries also have their own websites, the NP-USA website seeks to provide a one-stop solution to obtaining information about all the of the North American activities of Nippon Paint including links to affiliate websites and general information such as the history of Nippon Paint in the U.S.

The new website will feature some creative areas of interest as well. Mr. Morita stated, “Our employees work very hard to make our business a success. One of the nice advantages of this new website is that we will have the opportunity to highlight some of the work that these valuable employees do for us in the Employee Profiles section of the website. In doing so, we can all obtain further insight into how just one person, whether he or she is a production worker, an accountant, a technical engineer, or an executive, contributes to our success.”

Another important feature will be the addition of a Careers section to the website. This new enhancement will enable the company to explain the advantages of working at one of the NP-USA® companies and to quickly post job openings that become available.

“We are very excited about the launch of this new website and we encourage everyone to use it and to provide us with suggestions for future enhancements,” said Mr. Morita.

About NP-USA®:

Nippon Paint (USA) Inc. (NP-USA®) was established in 1990 as a wholly owned subsidiary of Nippon Paint Co., Ltd. of Osaka, Japan to function as both a holding company for U.S. operations and a distributor for its affiliates. NP-USA’s mission is to enhance Nippon Paint’s position in the U.S. market by facilitating the successful achievement of the goals of the NP-USA Group.

About Nippon Paint Co., Ltd.

Nippon Paint Co., Ltd., headquartered in Osaka, Japan was established in 1881 and today is a leader in the global paint and coatings industry. Its managing principle is to contribute to the welfare of society as a whole through its business activities, working together for the mutual harmony and benefit of everyone.

It is Nippon Paint's vision to expand globally as a specialty chemical company, offering high value-added coatings. Additionally, it is their fundamental commitment to become a trusted, eco-friendly company that helps protect the environment.